Translations Agency

Translation languages

Translations Agency Ekvitas renders services in translation and interpretation from / into many foreign languages - from the common European (translations from / into English, German, French, Spanish) to more exotic oriental languages (Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese).

Translations Agency Ekvitas carries out various types of work with these languages. It is technical, medical, legal translations and translation of various documents with subsequent notarization, as well as simultaneous interpretation using own equipment.

Translations Agency Ekvitas is always happy to help you to bo not just:

translation from English
translation from Italian
translation from Spanish
translation from Chinese
translation from Dutch
translation from German
translation from Polish
translation from French
translation from Japanese
translation from Portuguese
translation from Danish
translation from Norwegian
translation from Hungarian
translation from Romanian
translation from Swedish
translation from Finnish
translation from Czech
translation from Slovak
translation from Bulgarian
translation from Serbian
translation from Croatian
translation from Greek
translation from Arabic
translation from Korean
translation from Turkish
translation from Hebrew
translation from Lithuanian
translation from Latvian
translation from Estonian
translation from Armenian
translation from Azerbaijani
translation from Georgian
translation from Moldovan
translation from Kazakh
translation from Tajik
translation from Turkmen
translation from Uzbek
translation from Ukrainian

but also from Russian/Belarusian into all of the above languages.

A complete list of our services can be found in section "Our Services".

For any questions please contact our managers by phone + 375-29-2400489; + 375-29-3862330, email: or via the feedback form.