Translations Agency

Translation subjects

Over the years the team of Translations agency Ekvitas mastered different text directions and themes. For doing highly specialized translation we attract experts in these sectors. This is necessary for correct and accurate translation that our clients are satisfied with the services provided.

Translations agency Ekvitas provides translations on the following topics:

Legal documentation

  • contracts
  • agreements
  • statutory documents
  • tender documentation
  • loan documentation
  • corporate documents
  • laws and regulations
  • certificates
  • licenses
  • court orders

Financial documentation

  • accounting reports
  • bank documents
  • business plans
  • audit reports
  • financial statements
  • business correspondence
  • tender documentation
  • patent documentation

Technical documentation

  • installation, operation, maintenance and prevention instructions
  • user manuals
  • data sheets
  • construction plans, diagrams, specifications, standards,
  • acceptance acts
  • scientific and technical articles

Medical documentation

  • instructions for medical equipment
  • survey results
  • certifying documentation on drugs,
  • catalogs, manuals and guides

Translations of web sites and web pages

  • texts of the site, including work with graphic elements (buttons, banners, graphics)
  • adaptation of the navigation system
  • creation of the design-project of the foreign version of the site
  • additional programming (forums, guest books, counters, etc.)
  • creation of graphic elements, including dynamic

Literary and journalistic translations

  • translations periodicals
  • books
  • literary texts
  • magazine and newspaper articles

Translation of personal documents

  • certificates
  • employment certificates
  • passports
  • diplomas

Translation of advertising products

  • advertising and marketing materials


For any questions please contact our managers by phone + 375-29-2400489; + 375-29-3862330, email: or via the feedback form.