Translations Agency

The cost of translation

The price of your order is determined by a number of factors - the language, urgency, volume, theme, etc. Therefore, to voice the exact price, we recommend to save your time and get in touch with the manager of our company.

Managers of Translations Agency Ekvitas will answer all your questions. You can also send text directly for translation, in order that we can calculate the cost of translation, deadlines, and make an offer, profitable and convenient for you. Please note - for one custom page we accept 1800 characters with spaces.

Minimum order to perform translation is one custom page. If a document contains less than 1800 characters, its value will be calculated as per one custom page.

Documents for translation we take on a variety of media (paper or electronic). When sending a request for translation services to our email, please include your company name, contact information, the language you would like to carry out translation, etc.

You can use the services of our office, by placing your orders convenient for you: by phone, e-mail, skype or in person in your office, where we can send our representative.

Price per 1 custom page  (1800 characters with spaces)
Languages/servicesTranslation from language (euro)Translation into language (euro)
Written notarized translation
Translation from/into Belarusian 4 euro 4 euro
Translation from/into English, Ukrainian 5 euro 5 euro
Translation from/into German 5,5 euro 5,5 euro
Translation from/into Spanish, Polish, French euro euro
Translation from/into Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Italian 8 euro 8 euro
Translation from/into Italian (for the Embassy) 12 euro 12 euro
Translation from/into Latvian, Czech, Portuguese 9,5 euro 9,5 euro
Translation from/into Kazakh, Romanian, Moldavian, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish 10 euro 10 euro
Translation from/into Makedonian
10 euro (20 euro - notarized) 10 euro (20 euro - notarized)
Translation from/into Arabic, GreekTurkish, Estonian, Slovak 12 euro 12 euro
Translation from/into Azerbaijani, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Georgian, Chinese
13 euro 13 euro
Translation from/into Hebrew, Danish, Slovenian 14 euro 14 euro
Translation from/into Norwegian 15 euro (30 euro - notarized)
15 euro (30 euro - notarized)
Translation from/into Turkmen, Japanese, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Korean, Danish
17,5 euro 17,5 euro
Translation from/into Armenian, Hindi, Tajik
20 euro 20 euro
Translation from/into Vietnamese, Farsi 22,5 euro 22,5 euro
Translation from/into other languages Negotiable Negotiable
Notarization of translation
Notarization of translation (the translator's signature authenticity)  11 euro per 1 document
Notarization of document's copy
(up to three pages / more than three pages, or extract)
8,5 euro/17 euro
Apostille (unified legalization of documents) 10,5 euro
Oral interpreting
Consecutive interpreting from 15 euro per hour
Telephone conversations with foreign partners from 10 euro  
Transcription and translation of audio and video media Negotiable
Simultaneous interpreting from 40 euro booth/hour
Additional services
Translation certification by our Agency 2 euro per document
Translation of presentations (Powerpoint) 1 slide is 1 custom page (including layout and formatting)
Layout and prepress Negotiable 
Copying  Negotiable
Web design, development and language support  of sites Negotiable
Courier delivery (within Belarus)  4 euro
Courier delivery (in any country in the world)  35 euro


The price for technical translation is determined depending on the complexity of the subject text.
When ordering urgent translation service fee may be increased by 25% - 100%.
Standard normal translation take 1day, translation with apostille - 2-3 days.
Regular customers are provided with discounts and bonuses.
When ordering large volumes of translation a substantial discount is provided.


How to pay for our services

Our reliable customers work with us without pre-payment upon delivery of the finished work.

If you represent the interests of a legal entity, the pre-payment is required only for the first order.

We can get to work immediately, without waiting for the receipt of payment, but we need in this case:

if you are acting on behalf of a legal entity - a copy of the letter of guarantee
if you act as an individual - a copy of the payment receipt.

Payment Options:

Money transfer to the account of the company Ekvitas

Payment details:

Beneficiary: Private enterprise Ekvitas

Legal address: 220114, Minsk, 12B-589 Makaoynka Str.

Account 3012118720017 at CJSC "MTBank", code 117

PIN 191677916, OKPO 380359235000


In our office (in cash) or to our courier in your office. We provide documents confirming the payment of services.

After receipt of payment we start to work with your order. After completion of the order we will pass on to you in any convenient way: by e-mail, by fax, by mail (registered mail) or by hand in our office.

For any questions please contact our managers by phone + 375-29-2400489; + 375-29-3862330, email: or via the feedback form.