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Requesting a police clearance certificate in Belarus

Notarized translation of a power of attorney, requesting a police clearance certificate, affixing an apostille to a police clearance certificate

Living abroad, a foreign citizen will have to provide a police clearance certificate. This certificate is required for various foreign institutions, as well as for employment and renewal of a residence permit.

Many people who have been resided in foreign countries for a long time inquire about the possibility to obtain a police clearance certificate in Belarus, avoiding long trips and numerous monetary costs.

Ekvitas Translation Agency provides services of requesting documents all over Belarus! Our specialists take a responsible approach to the fulfilment of this task and retrieve documents as soon as possible!

To do this, you need to contact a notary at your place of residence and issue a power of attorney for one of our employees. If the country you are in has signed the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, you should certify the power of attorney by the Apostille.

If the language of the power of attorney is not the state language of the Republic of Belarus (Russian, Belarusian), Ekvitas Translation Bureau can provide notarized translation services. We also provide the service of affixing an Apostille to the requested police clearance certificates.

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